Benefits of Using A Travel Agent

Should you book on your own or use a travel agent?

To be honest, I found myself asking this same question years ago, not fully understanding how or why someone would use a travel agent in the age of internet. The value of a travel professional is more than just their expertise, but they actually can save you money! Read below to find out how you can benefit from using Endless Routes Travel.

Misconceptions about Travel Agents

There are several things I hear frequently as to why people don't use travel agents. Here are some popular ones:

  • It is easier to book myself
  • I can find cheaper rates
  • No one uses travel agents anymore

Why You Shouldn't Travel Without A Travel Agent

When you book yourself, you are paying a rate that includes an agent's commission whether or not you used one. Don't waste the service if you are already paying for.
Most (but not all) agents do not charge fees for planning your travel. I am compensated by the vendors you book. And because each client’s needs are different, I really go out of my way to connect clients with the right vendors. There are many other value added services that I provide: creating itineraries, checking for price drops after you have booked, providing packing lists, destination specific information, making dinner reservations/tee times, etc. 
It is time intensive to research, often times for months to find not only the destination but coordinating all of the details about the trip. I have access to the best research, local contacts at your desired destinations, and feedback for locations around the world, down to specific hotels and services. When it's time for intensive planning, let an expert do the hard work.
One major advantage travel agents have is access to bulk fares  the general public can't access. I have partnerships with suppliers that provide special rates and added-value items like room upgrades, resort and onboard ship credits, and more. 
Most trips don't fit the cookie-cutter mold, and everyone's travel style is a little different. Some people want to have a lot of free time and others want everything planned to the last detail Some feel more comfortable traveling in a small group and others want to be on their own. I create lasting memories tailored to your travel style.
The logistics of traveling can be overwhelming. There is usually one person who takes on the burden of coordinating the getaway. Let me lift that burden. You can use my services while you are traveling as well. I can help if your luggage is lost, your flights are delayed, or you need help filing an insurance claim. I am your advocate if something goes wrong before, during, or after your trip.

Ready for Your Dream Vacation?

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