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If you are looking for a fun and exciting new way to fundraise for your organization, you have come to the right place. No need to badger your supporters to participate or buy something they don't really need or would use. Group travel fundraisers will sell themselves. This type of group travel is a way for a non-profit to raise money and awareness for their organization while enjoying a wonderful travel opportunity - a win-win for everyone! 

What is Group Travel Fundraising?

When you book your group fundraising trip through Endless Routes Travel, your supporters enjoy a vacation to an exotic destination while a portion of their fare goes to your organization. Supporters will have a memorable experience that allows them the satisfaction of supporting your worthwhile cause.

Your supporters already travel! With just a little planning and the help of Jennifer at Endless Routes Travel to handle coordination, you can turn this into a fundraiser for your organization. 

Travel fundraisers are ideal for non-profits, including:

  • Religious Organizations
  • Civic & Social Organizations (Booster clubs, PTAs, Alumni Associations, Fraternities)
  • Medical Cause (Cancer, Autism, Research, Patient & Family Support)
  • Arts & Culture (Museums, Performing Arts, Libraries)
  • Professional organizations

What Can I Expect?

With my expert help and guidance as a group travel professional, you will decide on a few main items for your fundraiser so the planning can begin.

  • Which cruise length is best?
  • Where would your supporters like to cruise?
  • What times of year would your supporters be free to cruise?

We will discuss which destinations, dates, and cruises that are likely to be the most profitable. I will assist you in creating a program to promote the fundraising cruise, providing all promotional materials free of charge. You will receive fundraising brochures, postcards, flyers, and more to help generate greater interest and ultimately more proceeds.

Endless Routes Travel will customize your fundraiser to meet your desires and those of your donors. From cabin selection to excursion reservations and more, I will provide your with all of the planning and coordination needed to make this a success and so you can relax and enjoy the trip.

It is best to allow 6-9 months to plan, advertise and secure the best rates possible for your fundraiser. 

Proceeds will be mailed to the organization after sailing.


How Do Fundraising Cruises Work?

When you choose a fundraiser cruise with Endless Routes Travel, you will typically* receive:

  • 1 free stateroom for every 15 cabins booked (can be used as a giveaway if desired)
  • Matching funds from the cruise line: up to $5 per person per day (first & second passenger in stateroom)
  • Discounted group rates
  • Optional markup of group rate or the value of the free cabin
  • 10% of my commission received from the cruise line donated on behalf of Endless Routes Travel (or 20% for cancer related nonprofits)

* All details and group amenities are subject to change.

EXAMPLE #1 - Small organization

Group sells 20 cabins for a 7 day cruise

  • Organization's markup to group rate $100 x 20 cabins = $2000
  • 1 free cabin earned (valued at $1,000) = $1,000
  • Cruise line matching $5 x 7 day x 40 guests = $1,400
  • Endless Routes Travel donation = $300


EXAMPLE #2- Large organization

Group sells 75 cabins for a 7 day cruise

  • Organization's markup to group rate $100 x 75 cabins = $7,500
  • 5 free cabin earned (valued at $1000) = $5,000
  • Cruise line matching $5 x 7 day x 150 guests = $5,250
  • Endless Routes Travel donation = $1,200


Fundraising Travel Services

  • Full service concierge service before, during, and after your trip
  • Expert advice and recommendations for the most profitable fundraiser
  • Professional marketing material to promote the event
  • Customized itinerary and activities schedule
  • Low deposits to hold your package and easy payment plans
  • Dedicated webpage (see sample) for your group with trip information, pricing options for staterooms and excursions, and deposit collection.
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photo by Fierce Joy Studio
photo by Fierce Joy Studio

Choose a Non-Profit Champion

My husband and I are a service oriented family. For over a decade, I have served on the board of directors or worked for non-profits, while my husband has served in the military for over 15 years. I understand the budget constraints many non-profits have, and how much they rely on donations to fund their organization's mission. 

With my non-profit background, you will have a travel agent that will champion your cause. I will provide you with the highest level of service to both your organization and your donors/supporters to ensure the fundraiser is unforgettable experience that they will want to repeat. 

As a breast cancer survivor and military spouse, I will donate 10% of my commission I receive from your fundraising trip to any cancer or military related nonprofit organization. Subject to approval and documentation of nonprofit status. 

Start Your Fundraiser Today!

Looking for something besides a cruise? Please contact me to discuss your ideas and possible options.


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