My Favorite Travel Items to Splurge On

Traveling is a lot of fun. All of the experiences I have had discovering different parts of the world have created memories that will last a lifetime.

However, it also consists of a lot of time on a plane, sitting at an airport, and the dreaded planning (or lack of planning) that goes into packing for your trip. 

There are a few items that are worth the extra splurge to make the traveling portion of your trip more enjoyable!

Favorite Travel Items to Splurge on

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packing cubes in suitcase

In order to stay organized and have things easily accessible, use packing cubes. My favorite size are the medium ones and having different colors for everyone in our family is perfect! Here are my favorite ones you can get on Amazon.

2. Good Luggage

suitcases lined up

We all know that our suitcases take a beating. While good luggage may be more of a financial investment upfront, from my experience, buying a quality set of luggage will last you for years to come. Our first set of TravelPro Crew luggage lasted us 12 years (with only minor repairs needed to the wheels)! 

Here are a couple options I recommend:

headphones plugged into real book

When I am not sleeping on the plane, you can find me listening to an audiobook. With an Audible membership it is a great way to pass the time in the airport and on the plane. You can sign up for a membership that will give you 3 titles each month: 1 audiobook + 2 Audible Originals. 

4. American Express Platinum Card

credit cards

A good travel card will get you points on all of your purchases, but also provide some very important key features for travelers that your other cards won't necessarily be able to offer.

There are several benefits for the American Express Platinum cards. Here are my favorites:

1. No foreign transaction fees

2. Access to additional discounts and perks through The Travel Collection such as breakfast, upgrades, and more.

3. Centurion Lounge access - if you have never heard of this, check it out!! The food, drinks, and extras are top notch! I even got a chair massage the last time I was at one. 

4. $200 credit towards airline incidentals (perfect for on board meals or drinks, or upgraded seat assignments)

5. Uber credits monthly!!

6. $100 annual Saks Fifth Ave credit 

7. Global Entry or TSA Precheck credit

* terms and conditions may apply.

Contact me if you would like to hear more about my personal experience with the Amex Platinum card. 

5. Global Entry and/or TSA PreCheck

airport security

By far one of the best investments I have made is enrolling in Global Entry. This service expedites the customs and immigration process when returning from an international flight, avoiding the long lines that are very common. 

The best part about Global Entry is that it also includes TSA Precheck - perfect for all of your domestic flights! I get to speed through security without removing my laptop, my shoes, or my liquids. Makes it simplified and stress-free.

There is a cost to both of these programs, however the cost covers you for 5 years of travel. And if you have a travel card like the American Express Platinum you will be reimbursed for the cost!

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