Travel Insurance

Things to Know About Travel Insurance

Unexpected things happen and when they do most of the time we have no control over the situation. Wouldn't it be awful if it cost you thousands of dollars? Why not protect your investment (aka your vacation)?

While I truly believe that it is well worth the money, it is ultimately your decision. However, I want all of my clients to fully understand the risks involved if you do not select to insure your trip. 

Although a large consideration, the cancellation policies of your reservations and your individual health are not the only thing you should consider when deciding on whether or not you need travel insurance. There are other key factors that you need to prepare for in case something happens to you or a loved one while traveling as well. 

Travel insurance helps shift some or all the risk to the insurance company to help mitigate your loss if anything unexpected happens....and we all know unexpected things can and do happen, especially while traveling. 

With each trip you take with Endless Routes Travel, you will be required to complete an acknowledgement stating whether or not you would like to accept or decline trip insurance.  


Do I need travel insurance?

  • If YOU or your travel companion become injured or ill, preventing you from traveling, are you okay losing the full cost of your trip?
  • If someone in your FAMILY becomes ill or passes away, preventing you from traveling, are you okay losing the full cost of your trip?
  • Can you afford to pay for emergency accommodations if your flight is canceled due to a weather issue?
  • Can you afford to reschedule your trip, possibly loosing all or a portion of your trip, if your vacation time from your employer is revoked OR if you are laid off/become unemployed?
  • Can you afford to purchase last minute plane tickets home, if you have an emergency while on vacation?
  • If traveling internationally, can you afford to pay in cash for medical services in a foreign country?
  • If your trip is to a destination wedding, can you afford to lose the cost of the trip if the wedding is canceled?
  • Can you afford to relocate your trip if your accommodations are damaged in a fire, natural disaster, or hurricane?