Hi! My name is Jennifer Barnard...

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 33, I was forced to look at life through a new perspective. This startling reality coupled with the fact that I knew I wanted to spend my days — however many there would be — doing what I loved inspired me to start my own business. During the year that I was receiving treatment for my cancer, I launched my own travel agency.

Now, I have the opportunity to work with my clients to create personalized itineraries. My work brings me joy, and therefore it never feels like a chore. As a travel agent, I specialize in booking:

  • Customized European Tours — Having lived abroad in Germany and Spain, I am more familiar with this continent than most travel agents. I specialize in creating customized European tours based on the individual traveler's special interests. For example, I once booked a trip to Switzerland that focused on cheese, chocolates and mountains.
  • Romance Travel — There's nothing more romantic than spending uninterrupted time with the person you love the most. I am certified in booking both destination weddings and honeymoons, and I also love to create personalized getaways for milestone celebrations.

I know that time spent traveling is precious to all types of travelers, but I have a special place in my heart for military families who are traveling and cancer survivors who want to go abroad. These people, more than many, understand that time is elusive, and they never know just how much time they have with the people they love the most. I enjoy going the extra mile to make sure that their vacations are nothing less than amazing.

Your journey abroad should never truly end. Allow me to help you find the best path for you on your own endless route. Contact me today to get started.

- Jennifer

on Spanish Steps in Rome
on Spanish Steps in Rome

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Evora, Portugal

Sevilla, Spain

Edinburgh, Scotland

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