What is the Best Time to Visit Greece?

Greece is a beautiful travel destination and one that is surely on many bucket lists for Europe lovers. Greece indeed is picturesque and often known for its iconic architecture and Instagram worthy photos of posh vacationers enjoying the Aegean Sea.

With a history so rich it’s known as the cradle of Western Civilization, there’s so much to do in Greece and many various islands and cities to visit that Greece is much more than just sailboats, white-domed buildings, and seaside views.

With so many places to go and things to do, it can be hard to pin down when exactly is the best time to plan a vacation.  To determine this you must first decide one thing:  Do you want a beach-focused vacation?

Family in Oia Neighborhood Santorini Greece

Yes, I'm going to Greece to mainly enjoy the beaches

The best times to go are late June, Early July, or September, avoiding the high season of Mid-July and all of August. The weather at the popular beach destinations in Greece will still be favorable before or after the high season is over, but you can enjoy it all with fewer crowds and often more affordable pricing. Going to Greece before the hottest of summer weather hits also means you may be able to enjoy some non-beach activities without the heat being as big of an issue.

No, I don’t plan to go to the beach much

Then Greece can be enjoyed year-round, avoiding the hot summer months and the crowds that go with them from Mid-July through August. Late spring, such as May, will likely have blooming flowers and most reliable sunny weather for sightseeing but for travelers who don’t mind being prepared with a jacket or umbrella, the winter months can be enjoyed without any of the typical crowds, and often still is a respite for many traveling from areas of Europe with harsher winters. Off-season travel has a lot of benefits!


Let all of the worry and stress go so you can enjoy the best part of travel! With tons of locations, resorts, sights, and possibilities for adventures in Europe, you can have the vacation that you dream of. These days more than ever, it is important to take a break from everyday lives and enjoy some family time.

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Well, we’d like to go to the beach but don’t really know…

Then perhaps the best way to plan your trip is to plan it based on when you’re available to travel. If the best time of year to travel is Mid February, then you can choose locations and sights that will match the expected weather. If you’re available in early October, then perhaps you can luck out with some of the islands having a long summer season and get a few dips into the sea.

Like all travel, being flexible is key, but Greece helps make that easy with such a wide variety of places to visit. Let Jennifer from Endless Routes help you plan the best Grecian getaway for your family today!