Best European Castles to Stay

When planning your next trip to Europe, find some of the most unique and luxurious places to stay. A castle hotel is an excellent choice to indulge yourself.

Castles are no longer limited to the aristocracy. They are found all over Europe and restored and upgraded from stone fortresses to luxury hotels with four-poster beds and idyllic gardens while keeping many of their original features such as moats and towers. 

Top Castles in Europe

The drawbridges lowered, and the gates remain open for all who wish to experience a fairy-tale dream, come to life. Find your ideal castle hotel in the list provided and return home feeling like royalty. 

Castel Monastero, Italy

Rooms: 74 guest rooms and one villa
Price per night: €459

Originally built as a monastery in the 11th Century, Castel Monastero was later transformed into an enchanting castle and used as a country residence by an Italian noble family. Today the extravagant hotel literally has it all! 

Surrounded by the famous picturesque vineyards and countryside of Tuscany, it offers its guests a full-service spa, two outdoor pools, and a Gordan Ramsey restaurant. If that doesn't scream luxury, how about local guided tours, cooking classes, and hot air balloon rides?

Waterford Castle Hotel and Golf Resort, Ireland

Rooms: 13 rooms
Price per night: starting at €199

Located on a private island, the peaceful 16th-century Waterford Castle Hotel offers guests an authentic and romantic stay from the moment you arrive, as the hotel is covered in ivy. You'll feel like you have stepped back in time as the decor remains similar to the era of its construction. However, updates and renovations provide guests with the comforts of the modern world. 

The rooms range from "classic 16th-century elegance" to "old world style on a grand scale." Resort activities include walking along the nature trails, golf, tennis, lawn croquet, and falconry. 

Pousada Castelo Alcácer Do Sal, Portugal

Rooms: 35 rooms
Price per night: approximately €85

This Portuguese castle is located 90km from Lisbon and is an incredible 5,000 years old. The lavish hotel, Pousada Castelo, dominates the skyline and overlooks the River Sido. While the hotel is relatively modern, much of the original structure remains, such as the defensive walls, towers, and ancient stonework. After a day of horse riding, shooting, or exploring the local Roman Ruins of Troia, you can relax in the hotel's outdoor pool and eat typical Portuguese cuisine in the hotel's restaurant. 



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Ashford Castle, Ireland

Rooms: 83 rooms, suites, and Hideaway Cottage
Price per night: from €325

In addition to being Ireland's first Forbes Five Star Hotel, the medieval and victorian hotel, Ashford Castle, has become popular among the rich and famous. Over the years, notable guests have included President Ronald Reagan, John Wayne, Oscar Wilde, and Brad Pitt.   

The attention to detail in every elegant room, including decor, bedding, toiletries, and fixtures coupled with the hotel's vast array of activities, makes this castle hotel a real work of art.

Warwick Castle, England

a view of warwick castle and the river avon

Rooms: 4 private chambers
Price per night: from £600

One of the best-known castles in England, Warwick Castle, is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It was built from stone at the request of William the Conqueror in the 12th Century. The exclusive suites hidden within Caesars Tower are private chambers fit for a king and queen. To access your room, you will climb a spiral staircase within the 14th-century tower. Your stay also includes:

  • Champagne on arrival
  • Tickets to Warwick Castle, with unlimited snacks and refreshments
  • Hotel breakfast
  • A private tour of the castle

Castillo del Buen Amor, Spain

Rooms: exact amount unavailable, but it is a large hotel. 
Price per night: from €96

Built-in the 15th Century, the Castillo del Buen Amor has undergone many restorations to keep the original features intact, such as the Gothic-Renaissance courtyard, moat, brick archways, and stone murals. There are seven different room choices throughout the castle, ranging from the standard room in the castle's old defensive passages to the Fonseca Grand Suite in the Palace Fort. 

Onsite activities and facilities include an outdoor swimming pool, gardens with a maze, archery, restaurant, bar, terrace, hiking trails, and a library. If you want to explore, the vibrant city of Salamanca is only 30km away. 

Burghotel Auf Schönburg, Germany

Rooms: 27 rooms and suites
Price per night: from €310

An incredible experience can be found at the Castle hotel Schoenburg in Germany. Most of the uniquely decorated rooms have a balcony or terrace overlooking the River Rhine. The room rate includes a welcome sherry, breakfast, 4-course dinner, and exclusive access to the castle gardens.  

During your stay, discover the myth of the seven virgins and the medieval castle's turbulent history, which was first mentioned in the year 911. From family feuds, an attack from the French, and a devastating fire, you'll get a thrill from its wealthy history.

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