10 Christmas Ideas for Travel Lovers

christmas list

Coming up with ideas for Christmas can be a difficult task. But for someone in your life that loves travel, here is the only list you need.

Here are my must-haves for European travel – many of which have proven to be super handy when traveling with my family all over the continent.

*This article contains affiliate links in which I earn a small commission if you purchase directly from this website. But these opinions are my own and I have personally purchased and used all of these products.

Now that it is a requirement to carry your vaccine card for so many destinations, having a passport holder that will also hold a CDC vaccine card comes in very handy.

Keeping these together makes it super convenient. It comes in several different colors and makes a great stocking stuffer!

If you have ever been at check-in and hit with an oversized bag fee, you know how crucial this little tool can be. With many airlines in Europe having strict weight requirements for both checked and carry-on bags, this is one of my top must-haves for European travel.

I swear I always have a million cords and electronic accessories but instead of just throwing them in the bottom of my purse to be lost and tangled, having an organizer keeps me from going crazy.

This one has multiple pouches and comes in different colors.

I have had this set for a couple of years now. I love the clear plastic case it comes in, making it TSA friendly and something I just take out of my backpack when going through security.

The squeeze bottles are perfect sizes and easily cleaned. The tiny hard plastic containers are perfect for face wash, lotion, etc. Love, love, love this set!

Whether you are traveling for a special occasion or moving, traveling with jewelry is not easy. This is a perfect way to store your jewelry to ensure necklaces don’t get tangled, rings don’t get lost, and bracelets don’t rub against each other.

This came in handy every time our military family moved.

I purchased two of these, one for each of my kids. They are prefect sizes to fit under the seats and can easily store a long weekends worth of clothes for them. They are lightweight and the spinner wheels make it easy to get down airplane aisles. I love that they also are easily stackable with the smart sleeve on the back that fits over luggage handles.

If you have any travel lovers on your list that are really into creating videos about their travels, then this is THE gadget for them which you can make professional looking videos. The compact size is amazing and the capability of this little gimbal is crazy. With the associated app, you can actually use it in combo with your phone or by itself.

We have two of these - one that my husband and I each carry while traveling. With compatibility for over 150 countries, we know this will work anywhere we go. It also serves as a USB power source with 4 ports. 

When traveling with young kids, having entertainment for them is critical. Here is one item that has been a hit with my 4 & 6 year olds. These doodle boards are lightweight, don't take up much space and also allow me to not resort to more screen time to get by. 

They love drawing, but we also play games like tick-tac-toe and hangman spelling games. 

These are my all-time favorite suitcases.  I bought a set of the Torq series in the 21”, 27” and 30” sizes. I specifically like the 21” as it meets international carry-on size requirements throughout Europe which are always a little smaller than when traveling domestically in the US. Briggs and Riley even offers a lifetime warranty!

I’m in love with how smoothly these roll and how lightweight they are. The carry-on size even has a handy pocket for my laptop and all of them have a built-in locking system. 

Give the gift of travel

If you are looking to gift an experience to someone you love, give the gift of travel.

Whether it is an activity in a city they will be visiting or a trip they won't forget, travel is something that is so much more than just "stuff." Create memories for that special someone.

Contact us today to plan a vacation or visit our Travel Tools page to find activities and excursions you can gift.