Travel Essentials

Welcome, adventurous travelers! As seasoned travelers, it brings us great joy to assist you in making your upcoming trips truly unforgettable. We want to share with you a goldmine of information about our favorite travel gear and must-haves, carefully chosen to ensure you're prepared for your journey with all the essentials, and a maybe some extras splurges we love.

So, whether you're exploring with your loved ones, seeking luxurious getaways, or cruising to exotic destinations, we're here to provide the expertise you need to have the perfect trip. Let's dive into the world of our favorite travel gear and must-haves, ensuring you are fully prepared for your upcoming adventure!

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Air Tags

AirTags are a must for travel as they offer a simple and effective solution to keep track of your luggage and personal belongings, reducing the risk of losing them. With their precise location tracking features, you can easily locate your items directly from your iPhone, offering peace of mind while traveling.

Passport Holder

Protects your most essential document from wear and tear, keeping it in good condition for immigration checks. Moreover, you can buy ones with additional slots for essential cards and boarding passes, offering an organized way to access all your travel necessities in one place.

Luggage Scale

Avoid unexpected baggage fees by accurately weighing your luggage prior to flight check-in. With this handy tool, you can confidently pack your essentials, ensuring your bags stay within airline weight limits.

Neck Pillow

This travel necessity provides essential support to your neck and head during long flights or car rides, preventing strain and enhancing your comfort. With a neck pillow, you can rest or sleep comfortably, making your travel experience more enjoyable and less tiring.

Anti-Theft Purse

An anti-theft purse is a must for travel as it provides increased security for your belongings in crowded or unfamiliar environments. It's designed with safety features like locked compartments and slash-proof materials, ensuring your essentials like passport, money, and credit cards are protected from potential pickpockets and thieves. This one is my personal favorite.


An adapter is essential for global travel as it allows you to use and charge your devices in numerous destinations around the world, irrespective of the varying plug socket types. Remember, it's crucial to ensure your devices are dual-voltage to prevent them from being damaged by different voltage standards in different countries. This is the only adapter I travel with since it has a plug-in plus multiple USB ports.

Travel Wallet

A travel wallet offers a compact, organized space to store and access important travel documents such as passports, boarding passes, and multiple currencies. Its practical design promotes efficiency, making check-ins and transitions smoother, while its sleek casing provides an additional layer of security for your essentials. Alternatively, a front pocket slim wallet is essential to keep your cards secure from pick-pockets.


TSA Approved Locks

Enhance the security of your baggage while also complying with airport regulations. These locks allow authorized TSA officers to inspect your luggage if needed, without damaging your lock or luggage, thus ensuring the safekeeping of your belongings throughout your travels.

Toiletry Bottles

A toiletry bottle set is a crucial travel accessory as it allows you to carry your favorite toiletries in travel-friendly, TSA-approved sizes, ensuring seamless airport security checks. This set is easy to clean and one that I have used for years.

First Aid Kit

Prepare for unforeseen minor injuries or health complaints that may occur during your journey. Having immediate access to basics like band-aids, antiseptics, pain relievers and allergy medication can provide prompt relief and prevent small issues from escalating.


Essential when accessing public networks while traveling, a VPN service adds another layer of security, while allowing you to access US websites when traveling outside of the states.
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Travel Insurance

Purchase travel insurance for your trip to protect your investment. To include the full benefits, this needs to be purchased within 14-21 days of your first deposit on your trip. You can also insure $0 trip cost and get the on-trip benefits, including medical, trip delay, baggage protection, and more. Get your quote today:

Travel Credit Cards

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All of the following cards are ones that we use for personal and business purposes. These all have high annual fees (which, in most cases, can be waived for active duty members). However, the benefits are significant on each card to offset this cost.