5 Reasons You Need a Travel Agent

Starting my own travel business has been an idea of mine for many years. I have an affinity for travel, and it has always been a personal passion of mine. But if you were to ask me if people still use travel agents, I would have said no – everyone has the internet these days. Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong!

I read an article today about how Millennials use travel agents the most, with 24 percent of Millennials having used a travel agent for at least one vacation in the past 12 months.

For many years, I have planned vacations for friends and family. It is something I have always enjoyed. With my attention to detail and ability to find the best value for everyone, I became their go to person for travel. Now that I am “in the business” I see what I was missing out on all of these years that could have made my life a heck of a lot easier.

Before you click submit on the random booking engine with your credit card, read on to find out why travel agents are still relevant today and why you need a travel agent in your life.

Why Travel Agents Should Be Your Best Friend

Reason #1 We Save You Time and Reduce Stress

Let’s be honest, time is precious. Life gets busy and time is at a premium. It is time intensive to research, often times for months for one trip. As a mom of two toddlers, I know how little time most families have to spend on something like this. Travel agents have access to the experts in every destination and feedback for locations around the world, down to specific hotels and services. It’s time intensive to plan your trip, so let a travel agent do the hard work and match you up with what you are dreaming about.


Reason #2 The Best Value is Not Always Available to the Public

Before jumping into this industry, I didn’t understand the power of a Travel Agent. I thought for sure through my hours of online research I was getting the best deal. A lot of what travel agents have access to is bulk fares and contracted rates, something that the general public does not. These fares help provide better value – could be in price, but also the extra amenities.

Reason #3 When Things Go Array

Now more than ever it is essential to have an experienced and professional travel agent by your side when things go wrong. Instead of waiting on hold for hours on end to change your plans, or to request refunds, you have a personal contact to advocate on your behalf. At Endless Routes Travel, clients have my personal cell phone number to contact me in case of an emergency. You aren't going to find that anywhere from one of the big online travel agencies. 


Reason #4 Group Travel is Simplified

The logistics of traveling as a group can be overwhelming. Whether it is a family reunion, a destination wedding, a group cruise, it can be time intensive and overwhelming. There is usually one person who takes on the burden of coordinating the group. Let a travel agent lift that burden. If something goes wrong on your trip, you have an agent you can call to help, instead of sitting on hold for hours with a company.

Reason #5 Customization at Its Best

Every traveler has different desires and needs for their trip. After interviewing our clients, travel agents can start researching and tailoring the trip. We design customized packages to the level you desire. What is your unique custom trip you dream about? Let me make it a reality!

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Let all of the worry and stress go so you can enjoy the best part of travel! With tons of locations, resorts, sights, and possibilities for adventures in Europe, you can have the vacation that you dream of. These days more than ever, it is important to take a break from everyday lives and enjoy some family time.

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