Italy Trip Planning: Areas You Will Love

Italy is a country that is on many travelers’ bucket lists and for good reason, there are endless possibilities to travel in Italy with a variety of locations with which to fall in love. Rome, Florence (Tuscany), and Venice are all three areas you will love. 

We’ve all encountered a friend or acquaintance who recommended an Italian vacation spot but why are these locations recommended to us over and over again? From historians to foodies, art lovers, or those who just want to shop, Italy has so much to offer to any traveler.

Italy is one of those destinations you can return to multiple times. These are the first three areas you may want to incorporate all or some into your trip. I will return over and over again as I can't get enough.

Here are the top three areas to include on your itinerary to Italy.


trevi fountain

For history fans, no trip to Italy is complete without visiting Rome and the Vatican. The Roman empire lasted over 1000 years and influenced civilizations around the entire world. The seemingly endless amount of historical sights such as the Pantheon, Colosseum, and neighboring Forum make Rome feel like a life-size museum.

It seems impossible to turn a corner without encountering another piece of history yet has enough shopping, food, and artwork to keep everybody in the family interested. The citizens in Rome are boisterous but kind and the busy feel of the city is intoxicating, even without that second glass of wine with dinner. Make sure to take a passeggiata (Italian for a walk or stroll) before dinner through Piazza Navona for unforgettable people watching.

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Siena in Tuscany Italy

Many travelers don’t realize that Tuscany isn’t the name of a specific place, but instead is the name of an entire region of Italy home to famous cities such as Florence and Pisa. Tuscany has everything most people think of when they picture Italy in their mind: art, food, and scenery.  Florence is home to countless pieces of artwork including Michaelangelo’s David and nearby Pisa and it’s leaning tower is iconic.

Venturing away from the cities brings you to the rolling landscape adorned with lines of cypress trees and dotted with vineyards and small towns that feel lost in history. Tuscan cuisine takes from the season and it’s not uncommon to be served an entire meal with ingredients grown within a few miles of the restaurant. Tuscany is home to countless vineyards and the famous Chianti region makes some of the best wine in the world.

Strolling the quiet streets of a Tuscan hill town, adorned with colorful pots of flowers and laundry hanging between the stone houses, it’s easy to feel a world away from the stresses of modern life and promises to be an escape you’ll remember for a lifetime.


Venetian mask Italy

A scene with a gondola pushing a couple through the quiet canals of Venice seems like it could only be found in a movie, or a theme park ride. However, this city doesn’t disappoint and the traditions of gondoliers and festivals like Carnivale still live.

Venice’s unique landscape is one you can’t find anywhere else in the world. Filled with tourists by day, and quiet by night, it’s remarkable to be in a town where you will never hear the hum of a motorbike or honk of a car.

Home to traditional glassmakers, lacemakers, and paper creators, Venice is a dream for artisans. Travelers who love to walk and explore the nooks and crannies of a historic city and venture off the beaten path from the famous attractions will especially fall in love with Venice.

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These locations are just the tip of the iceberg of amazing destinations you’ll fall in love within Italy. For a stress-free experience and a personalized service planning your trip, contact Jennifer, a European Travel Specialist to make these Italian dream destinations a reality.



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