Tuscany for Foodies

Italy means food. Lots of it. Italy is postcard-perfect Europe. It’s a land of scenic vineyards, medieval streets, and gondola-filled canals.

If you mention food to Italians, they’ll wax poetically about grandma’s Sunday supper. Sooner or later, they’ll also tell you: “Visit Tuscany!” They’re right. From wild truffles to red wine, Tuscany is a land of time-honed flavors.

Whether you’re in the Renaissance jewel of Firenze (Florence) or the Chianti countryside, you can enjoy an authentic taste of the real Italy and do so in luxury. Some of the area’s food specialties include

  • Pecorino cheese
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Wild truffles
  • Red, white & dessert wines

During an amazing trip to Italy, imagine spending a day driving through the Tuscan and Umbrian wine country.  The green heart of Italy boasts countless family-run vineyards and local cheese farms. 

Below are my top must-try experiences for foodies in Tuscany:



Aided by a specially-trained dog and guide, you’ll hunt for wild truffles in the lush woods of Tuscany! Along the way, you’ll pass vineyard-draped hills and fruiting olive trees. After sniffing out truffles in Tuscany’s scenic countryside, you’ll enjoy a home-cooked meal at the guide’s family farm – feasting on pasta crowned in the very truffles you just hunted! During this memorable day in the heart of Tuscany, you’ll feel like part of the family.


During your scenic drive through Tuscany, your English-speaking driver will unlock for you wineries that are usually closed to the public.  What’s more, your driver for the day is a trained sommelier – able to bring to life the millennia of traditions of behind wine-making in Tuscany. On your private-access tour, you’ll enjoy tastings of Chianti Classico (red) and Vernaccia (white) in the Chianti wine region’s secret stone cellars – meeting the vineyard owners themselves!

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Tuscany’s hillside produces Italy’s most prized extra virgin olive. The best way to enjoy a tasting of Tuscan olive oil is to visit a family-run frantoio (olive mill) in the farm country.  In the company of an Italian culinary guide, you’ll go behind-the-scenes at a scenic olive orchard. First, you’ll get the chance to wander the silvery-green olive grows – passing under centuries-old trees. (In the fall, you can even pick the olives!). Next, you’ll observe how fresh olives are pressed into liquid gold—extra virgin oil.  Your visit will end with a guided tasting of Tuscany’s top olive oil – paired with local breads, cheeses and salami.

Which Tuscany are you hungry for? I can help you savor the Italy guidebooks don’t even know about. Schedule a call with Jennifer, a European Travel Specialist, to talk about your next big trip.



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