Best Destinations to Have a Beer in Europe

two mugs of beer in winter in prague

There are few things better in life than cracking open a cold beer and enjoying the moment. A beer can be the perfect accent to any situation, be it a meal, a concert, or simply your current company. Beer is the universal drink of humanity, and finding the right place to enjoy one is almost as important as the beer itself.

Each year millions of travelers visit Europe from all over the globe. They come, and they explore, and they drink a lot of beer. We know that there are plenty of cities that are famous for their beer--Munich, London, Krakow, etc... But what about specific destinations? Where exactly should you make a trip to, just to open a beer and soak in the experience?

Let's talk about that.

Toners Pub, Dublin, Ireland.

irish pub beer on tap

Ireland is known for its beer. From stouts to lagers, the culture practically invented the modern-day pint in many ways. That is why it's no surprise that this local pub in the heart of Dublin is one of the best destinations for a beer in all of Europe.

Toners has been in operation since 1818. With over 200 years of service to the community, this pub has been a rock-solid staple for visitors and locals alike for generations. What's more, their classic pub recently added an outdoor beer garden in the back that adds a whole new layer to the atmosphere and fun of Toners pub. This is easily one of the best places in all of Europe to grab a pint--particularly a Guinness!

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Klunkerkranich, Berlin, Germany

berlin dome after sunset on river
Berlin Dome

Located just outside the hustle and bustle of the city center of Berlin is one of the city's coolest places to enjoy a beer and Germany's famous nightlife. Klunkerkranich (the wattled crane) is a beer garden that overlooks Berlin's entirety with one of the most breathtaking views of the city.

Here at Klunkerkranich, you can enjoy an eclectic artistic vibe, a young and fun crowd, fantastic music, and traditional Spanish cuisine. All of this is paired with a vast selection of German beers and the chance to see the sunset over Berlin as you sip them down. This spot is perfect for a beer with friends before a great night out.

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Löyly, Helsinki, Finland

helsinki finland architecture skyline
Helsinki, Finland

While Finland might not be the immediate destination that comes to mind when it comes to drinking a beer, it truly has a fantastic beer culture. This is especially true when paired with their favorite pastime--sauna. In Finland, the sauna is a way of life, and the Finns love to enjoy the steam rooms with an ice-cold beer.

Located in the heart of Helsinki, alongside the sea, is the public sauna and terrace bar Löyly. At this sauna, you can enjoy the steam rooms with locals and visitors, as well as the rooftop terrace views with local and international beers. The bar overlooks Helsinki's famous city center and provides you gorgeous views out over the Gulf of Finland. You can relax, unwind, steam, and knockback an ice-cold Finnish lager in the most exotic--and Nordic--way possible.

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Café de Sluyswacht, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam city skyline on canal waterfront

The Netherlands is one of the most beer-loving countries on Earth. The Dutch people drink more beer on average than almost any other country, save for a select few. So it's easy to see why one of the best places to have a beer in Europe is here in Amsterdam's old city.

Located right next to the Rembrandt Museum in the famous Canal District is the Café de Sluyswacht. This charming little building looks like something straight out of a Harry Potter film. It is crooked, wacky, ancient, and altogether adorable. Here you can enjoy a delicious beer along the canals of the city in a bar that is totally unlike anywhere else in the country. It really is one of the most charming places to have a beer imaginable.

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four men with beers in hand

 A visit to Europe is even better when it includes a beer river cruise! Visit historic breweries, attend special beer tastings, learn about European beer-brewing techniques during fascinating onboard lectures and workshops, and enjoy a special dinner hosted by your onboard beer expert.

Letenský zámeček, Prague, Czech Republic

view of prague bridges and Vltava River from Letna gardens
View from Letna Gardens

Prague is a city known for its incredible views and exquisite beer. The famous Pilsner beer is from the Czech Republic, and the region is also home to plenty of other exotic lagers, IPAs, stouts, and more. This truly is a beer drinker's haven for the best countries to enjoy a beer.

However, among all the places to enjoy a drink in Prague, one single place stands above the rest--literally. Letenský zámeček is a hilltop garden that sits on the north side of the city across the Vltava river. This hilltop garden is home to the Letna Beer Garden, as well as Stalin Beer Garden. Two distinct beer gardens frequented by locals offer the best views possible of the old city of Prague. This hilltop garden might just be the best place to enjoy a beer in all of Europe, not only the Czech Republic.

Finding the right country for a beer is easy. It's locating the right destination to enjoy it; that's the hard part. Each year beer lovers seek out the most exciting and exotic places to enjoy an ice-cold drink--where will you choose for your next beer?

There is so much to see in Europe that planning a trip there all by yourself might be an intimidating task. However, I will be with you at every step and help you do an end-to-end planning for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I specialize in providing customized European tours, including river and small ship cruising. My firsthand experience of living in various European countries combined with my knowledge about the best spots to incorporate in your vacation ensures that you have a time that’s worth remembering for years to come.