Places to Visit in Europe When You are In Love

While February may be the time of year when we all think about love and romance, Endless Routes Travel believes love should be celebrated throughout the year. Whether you are planning a romantic break away, a honeymoon or your anniversary here are some romantic destinations to visit throughout the year. 

Each location provides something different, so whether you and your special someone are outdoorsy, entertainment buffs, food addicts or love to relax you are sure to find something to keep the candle of love burning bright.


Experience a Sunset in Santorini, Greece

sunset in santorini greece

This popular honeymoon destination has brilliant white buildings, cobbled narrow streets and every shade of blue you can imagine. Not surprisingly the island has won “Most Romantic Island in Europe” multiple times. 

While the island is small it does offer some fun ways to fill your day, aside from relaxing in infinity pools and being mesmerized by the views. For example, you can attend a local wine tasting and explore the Castle of St Nicholas in Oia. Don’t miss the sunset while in Oia. The viewpoints there offer the best opportunity to say farewell to the days warm and vibrant sun.

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Discover the stories of royalty in Edinburgh, Scotland

fountain in front of edinburgh castle in scotland
Ross Fountain in front of Edinburgh Castle

The cobbled streets and medieval vibes of Edinburgh will send in back in time. Follow in the footsteps of the King and Queens of old at Edinburgh Castle, which overlooks the city and sits atop an extinct volcano. 

Whilst there be sure to visit St Margaret's Chapel, dedicated to Queen Margaret who is said to have died of a broken heart, after the death of her husband. Also, don’t miss the crown jewels of Scotland, it’s sure to inspire your next anniversary gift. 

Walk over the Bridge of Lovers in Paris, France

bridge in paris
Pont Marie bridge, Paris, France

Deemed “the romance capital of the World,” Paris obviously makes an appearance. Its popularity comes from its poetic parks, splendid city views and of course the Eiffel Tower, which literally sparkles from dusk every night.  

No Paris adventure is complete without a walk across the Pont-Marie also known as the “bridge of lovers.” Strolling hand in hand across it and a quick kiss under it are said to bring everlasting love.  

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Ignite the Passion with Flamenco in Cordoba, Spain

flamenco dancer in spain

The South of Spain is home to the romanticist dance of Flamenco and is, therefore, the best place to watch and be inspired, by the exotic dance. In the heart of the Jewish Quarter, you can watch an authentic performance at  Arte y Sabores

Cordoba is a magical place from April to June as the colorful flowers bloom and fill the city with strong floral scents, which is especially delightful in its many hidden courtyards. 



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Explore the deserted island of Barreta in Algarve, Portugal

sandy beach view

For soft sand beach getaways, with cold beers and cocktails, the Algarve is the perfect place to go. A vacation to the south of Portugal can be memorable with a trip to Ilha Derseta aka Barreta. Together you can feel like the only humans left on the planet, after a short boat ride from Faro’s old town. The uninhabited island offers one restaurant, which won't disappoint as it provides an unforgettable gastronomy experience.

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Cozy up on a horse-drawn carriage in Vienna, Austria

carriage in vienna, austria - historic mode of transport
Historic mode of transportation in Vienna, Austria

Explore the imperial capital in style! The horse-drawn carriages, also known as “fiakers,” date back to the 18th century and provide you with a comfortable and romantic way to see the city’s sights. One of which is the Volksgarten, which has over 500 roses. You can take the romance up a notch with an exclusive culinary horse-drawn carriage ride. 

Enjoy the natural highlights of Reykjavik, Iceland

dramatic waterfall in iceland
Gullfoss Waterfall in Iceland

If you love water features, Iceland is the place to go. Within and around the city of Reykjavik you and your partner can bond over unbelievable natural aqua phenomenons and relax like never before.

Highlights include thermal spas and treatments at Blue Lagoon, the 80-foot geyser eruption of Strokkur and the Gullfoss Waterfall, which gives Niagara Falls a run for its money. You’ll definitely want to pack swimwear, thermal and waterproof clothing.

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Gaze at the Aurora Borealis in Finland

Accommodations with glass windows for viewing northern lights
courtesy of NORDIQUE Luxury

The Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights, feature on most people's travel bucket list and it's a great item to cross off together. In Finland, November to the end of March is when you are most likely to witness the Aurora Borealis, so plan accordingly.

Increase your chances of witnessing this once-in-a-lifetime event by staying in a glass igloo.

The Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort was the first place to offer the picturesque and cozy winter wonderland experience. Their glass igloo includes a bed and a toilet, with a sauna and shower in a nearby building. Alternatively, stay in their queen suite, which is a large log chalet and features an indoor sauna, and a jacuzzi on the terrace.

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Europe is an alluring paradise for anyone who is a lover of wines. It is peppered with wine regions that offer exceptional wines, each unique and associated with the rich history and heritage of the land. Savoring a wine at a winery is not limited to merely consuming the wine itself – it’s an enthralling activity that lets you experience the cultural soul of the region and its people.

There is so much to see in Europe that planning a trip there all by yourself might be an intimidating task. However, I will be with you at every step and help you do an end to end planning for a once in a lifetime experience. I specialize in providing customized European tours, including river and small ship cruising. My firsthand experience of living in various European countries combined with my knowledge about the best spots to incorporate in your vacation ensures that you have a time that’s worth remembering for years to come.



Luxury travel ideas for those seeking the ultimate experience and exclusive access - from customized itineraries to the latest luxury ships.