Land of Fire and Ice – top things to see in Iceland

The small, ravishingly beautiful nature of Iceland is attracting travelers from around the whole world. Breathtaking scenery, magical history, and peaceful solitude are what have been causing an increased number of visitors to this island over the last years.

There is no more geologically contrasting country than The Land of Fire and Ice. It is home to some of the most active volcanos in the world and, at the same time, some of the largest glaciers in Europe. Summer days with nearly 24-hours of sunshine are replaced by short winter days with only a few hours of daylight. 

Your itinerary should include all of nature's wonders there are to see and add a unique local experience as well. I promise your time here will be unforgettable. To help you start planning, I have prepared a list of the 5 top things to do and a little extra. 

The Land of Fire and Ice

Whale Watching Tour

There are many tours available that allow you to see whales as well as puffins. You can engage with Naturalists and experience rare sightings that will leave you in awe. It is best to whale watch in the summer months, preferably April through September. are the most common in Iceland. Follow the instructions carefully and be safe.

Blue Lagoon Spa

This mineral-rich attraction is minutes from the Keflavik International airport. There are many spa options available due to the geothermic forces and many natural elements. The lagoon is human-made and renewed every two days with fresh water. You can easily access the site via car or bus.

Blue Lagoon Spa

West Fjords

Located in a famous peninsula, the Fjords are breathtaking. You need to plan well and leave time to explore all this area has to offer. They have great attractions. You can visit many unique sites, such as the Icelandic Sea Monster Museum or the famous Látrabjarg cliff. There is much to experience in this mountainous, remote area. You will have options that will keep you interested while on your expedition.


The perfect place for you to get a shot with a double rainbow, Skogafoss, is the most scenic fall in Iceland. With a drop of over 60 meters, the view is spectacular. There is also a legend of gold that lies within the falls. Take your chance and search if you dare…

Skogafoss, Iceland


Silfra is an amazing diving spot located in Thingvellir National Park. It is the crevice between the tectonic plates in North America and Eurasian continents. It is the only place in the world where you can dive between two tectonic plates that shift roughly 2 cm every year. The shifting of the earth creates new caverns and tunnels. There is plenty of wildlife to see on your dive/snorkel. The three main dive sites are; Silfra Hall, Silfra Cathedral, and Silfra Lagoon. The maximum depth is about 207 feet. The water is the purest in the world, and you can feel free to take a sip while diving.

Ravishingly beautiful nature of the North

With so many incredible places to see, there is no time to waste.  Planning as much as you can in advance is the best thing you can do for this trip. With my experience, we can create an itinerary that will cover everything you wish to visit in the most comfortable way. And the best part about me making arrangements for you? It will save you not only precious time but also money that you can later use for souvenirs.

When it comes to Iceland, "the top 5 things to do" cannot cover all the wonders, so I added extra tips below.

Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)

This site is at the top of many lists. However, you need to know the best possible location to view this wonder. Thingvellir is by far the finest area to see this wonder. Be sure you check the weather so that you have a combination of dark and partially clear skies. Thingvellir is a national park, as well as a historic site. It doubles as a great tourist selection for you to see a rare vision and gain some insight into the history of the land.

>> Best Places to See the Northern Lights

Northern Lights, Iceland


This is a relatively new site that you can visit located in the Highlands of Iceland. You will need a 4WD to reach the landscape, and be sure you get a high-quality vehicle that is equipped to travel on the unique terrain. Holuhraun is the newest formed lava flow from a volcano that lasted from August 2014 through February 2015. When peering into the rifts of the lava, you see many beautifully vivid colors. While driving along the sand, you can still see steam in certain areas. It is a geological wonder to behold. Be careful and stay on the marked paths, and wear gloves when handling any lava rocks.


Reynisfjara Beach

This beach is gorgeous and an absolute must-see! With its rare black sand and basalt columns, there is much to explore on this volcanic shoreline. The black sand is lava that cooled once it hit the water, and the sand is more like various small stones. White sand and red sand beaches (Westfjords) also exist in Iceland. While on Reynisfjara, you can see Gardar, which is a basalt cliff that resembles a staircase to heaven. It is a natural pyramid and was formed by columnar jointing. There are many basalt columns throughout Iceland, but this is by far the most exceptional.

Reynisfjara Beach, Iceland

Party in Reykjavik

This small town has the best party spots in Iceland, hands down! There are multiple bars and restaurants to choose from. None of the businesses charge a cover, and the music is fantastic!


This natural pool is one of the oldest in Iceland, and you will indeed have a memorable experience when visiting. The water is not that hot because it does mix with colder water.

Are you ready to start planning this once-in-a-lifetime travel experience? Give me a call or send an email, and I will gladly give you more information.


Iceland is nothing shorter than a north paradise. Wild miles of untouched land and whimsical landscapes changing before your eyes as you travel from geothermal valleys to the base of a glacier.

Are you ready to start planning this once-in-a-lifetime travel experience?
Scheduling to see all the places and fitting it perfectly into your short stay can bring a lot of stress, especially if it is your first travel to Europe.

As a European Travel Specialist, I can give you tips and tricks that will save your time as well as money. Give me a call or send an email, and I will gladly prepare an itinerary that fits your vacation style.



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