Mallorca – top must-sees of the island

Blog written by Diana Groom

From the moment you step off the plane in Mallorca, you are transplanted into paradise. If the palm trees that line the roads are any indication, you soon will realize that you will never want to vacation anywhere else again.

There is a beach for everyone, from its manicured beaches close by to the secluded beaches where the locals frequent. Mallorca has it all and world-class wineries to boot.
If you are in Mallorca for the first time, here are your must-sees.

Microcellar Son Crispi


From its picturesque location nestled beneath the Serra de Tramuntana mountains through its sprawling vines to its walled-in courtyard for tastings, Microcellar Son Crispi is perfect in every way.

Owned by the Crispi Family since 1528, it has passed through 10 generations of wine producers. They hand-cork each bottle with love and care, specializing in local grape varieties found nowhere else. Whether you are on a girls' trip, with your significant other, or with your kids, Crispi will suit you perfectly. For the kids, Microcellar Son Crispi allows children to help feed their chickens, play with their enormously friendly dog, or play soccer in the field located next to the overlook where the tastings occur.

Owners of Son Crispi, Diana, and Jennifer Barnard

For those on an adult-only trip, you'll enjoy the most authentic wine tasting experience. The owners will explain every single wine to you and the vineyard's history, all the while continuing to fill your glass generously. Just imagine sitting down with the winemaker at their table overlooking their vineyard in the middle of a sunny paradise. This once-in-a-lifetime experience is not to be missed.

Port de Soller


While this town is a bit of a tourist spot, the beaches are so incredible that you can overlook that minor detail and revel in the sunshine in paradise. The beaches here are perfectly manicured and nestled within a quiet harbor. It also has shops run by locals selling goods such as hand-woven rattan bags and locally made clothing. And when you take a break from lying on the beach for hours and enjoying a cocktail or two at a restaurant overlooking the harbor, don't forget to pop into one of the nearby Helado shops ("ice cream" in Spanish) and try some fresh-made ice cream. 

Along the boardwalk that lines the beach lies every kind of restaurant, you could imagine. From Spanish tapas and freshly caught mussels to mouthwatering burgers, Port de Soller is the perfect spot for a great meal. I highly recommend checking out the restaurant Villa Luisa Sóller if you get a chance. 

Castell de Bellver

If you are heading to the capital city of Palma de Mallorca, don't forget to visit the hill above the capital to see the remarkable Castell de Bellver. This circular-shaped castle overlooks Palma Harbor and gives impressive views of the city. It is an easy walk from the parking lot at the top of the hill and includes many Roman statues and artifacts. This castle is unique in its round shape and impressive circular inner courtyard. This site can be done in about one hour and is the perfect stop if you are visiting Palma.

Cala Pi Beach


If you have seen the major sights of Mallorca Island and are in desperate need of a quiet beach day, then look no further than Cala Pi Beach. With a short 35-minute drive from Palma, you will find this quiet locals' beach, secluded and absolutely breathtaking. Get ready, though, as there are 150 stone steps down to the beach from the town's street parking! But once you set up your towel and see nothing but the cove, the sand, you'll understand it is certainly worth the descent.

TIP for you - don't forget to pack your lunch to haul down to the beach. While I dined in many fabulous restaurants on the island, my lasting memory of the picnic by the calm waves is the best memory I have of my whole trip. So I highly recommend spending the day there, but also don't forget to bring down a bottle or two of wine as you won't want to climb those stone steps until the sun sets on your day in paradise!

Hire a Chef


If you are tired from your day trips, and especially if you are in Mallorca with kids, you must try the experience of booking a private chef. We loved it! The chef arrived with every ingredient - and just his chef's knife. And still somehow turned our simple home rental into a world-class kitchen. To top it off, he washed every pot and pan and left us with a clean kitchen. We sat back and did absolutely nothing but enjoy every minute of it. We were so happily surprised to learn that we could do it all from the comfort of our rental home, knowing our children were tucked safely into their beds.

These are just a few of the things to do in Mallorca, but the island offers so much more. Depending on your ideal type of vacation, group preferences, or simply how many days you are staying, Mallorca is the perfect place for relaxation.

To learn more information and design an itinerary that suits you, contact Jennifer Barnard at Endless Routes Travel, and she will ensure you have an amazing trip!


About the Author

Diana Maria Groom is a first-generation American, born to Cuban parents. She is first and foremost a military spouse and mother to three children and currently resides in England, and previously in Germany where she has been stationed with her husband in the Air Force. She recently completed her level two certification with the WSET and she is currently completing level three Sommelier Certification. Diana plans all of her European travel with wine tourism at the forefront!