Croatia: An Unexpected Island Paradise

For most of us, when we imagine an island paradise, we have a few places in mind. Perhaps we imagine the exotic cultures of the island of Honolulu in Hawaii. Or maybe we imagine the romance and charm of the Greek island of Crete. Whatever the case may be, we usually have a very specific image in our heads. That is why so many often overlook one of the most interesting island paradise destinations in the entire world… Croatia. 

Croatia is a small European nation that sits along the Adriatic Sea near the Mediterranean. It is famous for its untapped nature, ancient history, and the long strip of islands along the Dalmatian coast. 

These islands among the Croatian archipelago are some of the most beautiful island paradise destinations on earth. 

After my two-week trip to this country, I completely fell in love with the people, the food, and the sheer beauty. I am not someone who typically returns to the same destination multiple times…. but Croatia is calling me back again!

Here are just a few that you should consider visiting for your beach getaway…


town vis croatia

The island of Vis is one of the southernmost Croatian islands. It sits just a few hours away by cruise from the city of Split and offers some of the most exquisite raw and natural beauty in the entire country. 

Vis is a very remote island and doesn’t have any super close neighbors. This makes it ideal for those seeking out solitude on their yacht getaways or hotel stays. It is surrounded by gorgeous blue waters, white sand beaches, and charming little historic homes and villages. This island is so pretty that it was chosen as the filming location for the film Mama Mia! Here We Go Again. 

Vis is a quiet and peaceful island paradise that is perfect for those seeking something off the beaten path. Every corner of this remote island is filled with class and ancient beauty, and it will not disappoint those island purists who want the real island experience.


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Just a small jump east of Vis, sits the larger island of Korčula. While being close neighbors, these two island experiences are vastly different in both appeal and aesthetic. Where Vis is mostly remote and peaceful, Korčula is luxurious and bustling.

Korčula is a historic island that many scholars believe was the birthplace of Marco Polo himself. It is the home of Korčula city which is an ancient walled metropolis that resembles many of the port cities on the mainland--namely Dubrovnik. On Korčula you will find red-tiled roofs, stone walls and homes, and sprawling forests and nature. 

Perhaps the most famous aspect of Korčula is the vineyards. In fact, Korčula is most famous for being the ‘wine island’ of Croatia. This makes it the perfect destination for those seeking a more upbeat experience with plenty to see, explore, and taste.


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Spain is famous for Ibiza. Greece is known for Mykonos. No matter where you go, each island nation has that one island that is visited by those who want to go a bit wild. The island of Hvar is an island in the country of Croatia. 

Hvar is a bustling island that is famous for its nightlife, exotic architecture, and bustling city centers. Here you can find some of the most famous bars, restaurants, and experiences in all the Croatian islands. It is definitely not for those seeking a quiet and remote experience!

The island of Hvar is famous for its medieval cities of Hvar Town and Stari Grad. These romantic cities are filled with renaissance architecture, gorgeous cathedrals, and awe-inspiring neighborhoods. Hvar is famous for being the most visited island in Croatia, and it does not disappoint those seeking a more exciting island getaway.

But never fear, it isn’t as busy as those other ‘party islands’. You can still experience the romance and charm of Croatia here without too much noise. My husband were able to enjoy a private sunset dinner and wine on top of Hvar over looking the Adriatic. Talk about a memorable meal! 

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Taking a trip to the northern end of the coast, you will find the quaint little island of Lošinj. This island just barely touches the neighboring island of Cres and was once a very popular destination for the royal elites of the region. As such, the overall vibe and state of the island is unlike anything the other islands have to offer. 

On Lošinj you will find luxurious palaces and homes painted in vibrant pastels. You will find high-society spas and restaurants, and brilliant nature to unwind in and enjoy. This island is the epicenter of luxury for those visiting the Croatian islands. What’s more, most visitors don’t even know that it’s there!

Lošinj is a hidden gem among the islands of Croatia. It is often unvisited in favor of the more famous Hvar, or Cres. However, it is a jewel This is a luxury island experience that will make any visitor feel like royalty from ages long past. 

Final Thoughts.

The remarkably beautiful Adriatic Sea is a small little offshoot of the Mediterranean. Nestled between Italy and Croatia, the climate and atmosphere is much like what you would find in other--more famous--island destinations, but for a fraction of the cost. This makes Croatia the most unexpected, and perhaps one of the best, island paradise vacation destinations in the world.